How can I prevent eye problems in my Chinese Crested

Based on the provided search results, here are the key points about common health issues and how to prevent them in Chinese Crested dogs: Eye Problems: Chinese Cresteds are prone to several eye conditions like progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), primary lens luxation (PLL), glaucoma, and dry eye. To prevent these issues, it's recommended to have your Chinese Crested's eyes examined regularly by a veterinarian, at least annually. Genetic testing for conditions like PRA can help identify dogs at risk before breeding. Proper eye care, including protecting hairless Cresteds from sun exposure, is important to prevent and manage eye problems. Dental Problems: Chinese Cresteds commonly have dental issues like early tooth loss and gum disease due to their small mouths. Regular teeth brushing at home and professional dental cleanings as recommended by your vet are crucial to maintain good oral health. Orthopedic Issues: Patellar luxation (loose kneecaps), hip dysplasia, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease are orthopedic concerns in Chinese Cresteds. Screening breeding dogs for these conditions and providing joint supplements, medications, and physical therapy can help manage these problems. Skin Problems: Hairless Chinese Cresteds require special care to protect their skin from sunburn, dryness, and other issues. Using gentle, dog-safe skin products and protecting them from excessive sun exposure is important. By being proactive with regular veterinary checkups, genetic testing, proper grooming and skin care, and a balanced diet, many health issues in Chinese Cresteds can be prevented or managed effectively.

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Chinese Crested puppies for sale
Chinese Crested puppies for sale

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